Bio-dynamic agriculture: It’s rooted in soil enhancement, in its ability to infuse life, in natural processes related to the sun, light, water, and climate.

Bio-dynamic Approach: It’s a philosophy, a lifestyle and work, an objective process based on the stabilization and revitalization of the energies used and impress in the vital process.

The Bio-dynamic Vinemaker: He doesn’t make wine, He attend on its own way to be.
He doesn’t need any artifice because everything is just there. The bio-dynamic vinemaker has the task of bringing healthy and vital grapes to the cellar living in harmony with nature.

The Bio-dynamic Enologist: He’s goal is govern and supervise the natural fermentative and evolutionary processes, observing them and evaluating when a wine is ready to be bottled.

You: It’s up to you the choice complete this natural cycle enjoying a more healthy and conscientious way to drink. 

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